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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to mornings on 2. you're taking a look at middle town where firefighters are are making headway in the fight against the have a will why i fire, but -- against the valley fire, but it's so hard the see the damage to the homes. alex savidge has the very latest on the search for the people still missing following this fire and also more on when people will be able to go back into their neighborhoods again today. so hard to see the pictures this morning. it's wednesday, i'm dave clark in for brian flores.
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>> sorry to cut you off. pam cook. it's early, steve. no. it's late. 4:30. >> almost lunchtime. >> we have good news. we have rain. >> we like that. not just sprinkles. it's going to rain a measurable amount. it's not coming in until this afternoon, but it's on the way. if you're watching oh, on the north coast, decent rain forth brag north looks good, down to san francisco is going to get measurable out of this. starts to fall apart as it inches southward, but today favoring. we're oh, okay in the morning, a ways to go. there is the system.
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they'll be hard pressed to get above 65, but i went 70 with south wind. 50s on most temps, not much of a breeze. southeast starts to crank up later on. cold air with the system as well, that helps. morning fog, sun. >> increasing clouds. picks up and rain for the north bay this afternoon. 60s and 70s, maybe the evening commute could be a little dicey, sal. >> i was having a very funny conversation with anyone who would -- well, someone in the newsroom, i should say, that people in california cannot drive in the rain, steve. and if you don't agree or if you agree, hit us up on social media. >> not only that, sal, it's been so long, the roads will be very slick. >> that is true, mr. steve who could be a chp officer in the next life. thank you very much. >> do you know how much respective for the men and women of the california highway patrol? >> trust me, me too. >> yes. >> let's look at the commute here. the sig alert in hayward has
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been canceled. all lanes open. westbound bay bridge as you come up to the toll plaza, not that bad. speaking of hayward, san mateo bridge getting from hayward to the peninsula looks good heading over to highway 101. no major problems here. done bart on bridge looking nice from east palo alto. this is a good time and as i was saying earlier, i think the commute is going to start to spread out sebs we've had such a -- since we've had such a concentrated and bad traffic route between 6 and 9, it might start getting earlier and later. steve has been talking about mother nature providing much needed help for the firefighters this morning on the valley fire. the fire is currently at 67,200 acres, 30% containment, better than yesterday morning. 585 homes have been destroyed with hundreds of other buildings
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burned to the ground. so that number is expected to grow. so far one death has been blamed on the fire, but the lake county sheriff fears that number will rise as well. alex savidge is in middle town with the ongoing search for people who are still reported as missing and the then the investigation into how and where the fire started. >> trr a lot of angry -- there are a lot of angles, the recovery and trying to figure out how it first began. this fire still is actively burning in many areas, although crews have gained some ground on the fire. they're making a lot of headway, but as many as 9,000 structures still in the path of this fire. behind me, these are the homes that are gone. they consider destroyed as the fire except -- they were destroyed over the weekend. many more homes potentially
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still in the path of the fire. but the cooler weather that we have this morning certainly is helping out. rain possible moving in later today. that will help. he vac ease yesterday returned to see their holes for the first time -- homes for the first time since they left. they were escorted in for brief minutes, to check on pets and livestock. for some families, there was relief as they found their homes still standing. for many others there was heart break as they found nothing but charred rubble. >> i have my motorcycle there all burned down. >>reporter: investigators now are working to figure out the cause of this destructive fire. it started near a home in the community of cobb, which is west
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of middle town, where we are this morning. and in that area, we saw a burned tool shed on that particular property where the fire started. there were two red gas cans nearby. the home itself, by the way, was not damaged by this fire. but that appears to be the point of origin. we know already one woman was killed by the fast moving fire. 72-year-old, she just couldn't make it out of her home in anderson springs. lake county sheriff says the death toll in relation to the valley fire is likely to rise in the coming days. at least four or people are still missing right now. that includes 69-year-old leonard neft, retired newspaper reporter was last heard from on saturday when he called from his home and he was trying to -- he was debating whether or not to leave his home. according to the chronicle, his burned out car was discovered just last night, pam, along one of the roads that he likely
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would have taken trying to escape his home in anderson springs just outside of middle town. >> oh, gosh. you hear some of those stories of people who did make it out and the flames just rushing up the road behind them. very, very scary. >> reporter: it sounds as though if you hesitated and waited too long, you missed your window of opportunity. >> exactly. we heard those stories in the oakland hills fire and hopefully this is a reminder for all of us. >> in about four hours from now, more evacuated homeowners will get an escort to check on properties and pets. lake county sheriff's deputies will escort homeowners between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 tonight to areas south of lower lake. this is the second day that residents will be allowed back for a little while. communities include hidden valley lake and middle town.
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anderson, cobb and lowman are still off limits because the fire fight continues. about a thousand people are still living in the napa county fairgrounds in calastoga. signing up with red cross to receive clothing, food and other supplies to get by. a man fled with a few things to his mother-in-law's place in middle town only to be forced to evacuate again when the flames approached her home. >> i'd like to go home. bottom line, you know. >> do you want to see? >> pardon me? >> do you want to see? >> i want to see one way or another, way. bottom line, just the not knowing, that's why i'm trying to keep myself busy. >> many of the fire victims don't have insurance. one man bought a house two years ago in anderson springs and been told everything in the area is gone. this would be the second loss for him and four children. their mother died in march from
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breast cancer. >> i think the loss of their mom earlier this year and watching her go down kind of, i don't know, prepared them for this kind of a tragedy. but i try to love them up. >> also controversy and even bitter feelings towards the red cross. group of volunteers was organizing donations, but they were ordered to stop because of liability reasons. >> on our channel 2 website,, we've posted a long list of ways to help the victims of the fire. you can find the list and see all of our fire coverage right there on the front page. video showing a fight outside levi stadium in santa claire after the monday night football game between the 49ers and vikings has gone viral. you may find it very difficult to watch. it begins with a vikings fan on the ground being hit by a man in a black shirt. then he's kicked by a 9ers fan
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wearingy jerry rice jersey. you can see a security guard there in a yellow jacket trying to break it up, people yelling at them to stop fighting. started investigating after we called to get more information. >> you can see the video and see what happens and it's not really open to interruption. >> police are asking anyone who saw the fight or knows more about the people on the video to call them. they say they're already talking with the minnesota fan. last year you might remember there was another fight caught on camera inside a levi's stadium bathroom. one man was seriously hurt, two others sent to prison. in this case reportedly no one seriously hurt. man died climbing mount kill man jar 0, his dream. he was struck by falling boulders. his wife was with them.
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they took a year off from work to travel the world and fulfill his dream to climb the peak. in tans knee a. time is 4:40. city of san francisco plans to set up permanent memorial for kate steinle. the woman shot and killed by undocumented immigrant on pier 14 in july. city installing a plaque and bench on the pier. reading whatever is good for your soul, do that. that's a quote she posted on her facebook page the very day she died. of the suspect, juan sanchez is being charged with murder. the steinle family filed legal claims against the san francisco sheriff's debt and two other federal -- department and two other federal agencies.
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major clean yu today to remove trash be and graffiti on ipt state 580 and 880 in alameda and 680 in contra costa. tunnels and bridge toll mraz as around the bay area also getting a cleanup. details in the shooting death of a man in san jose last month. the new sketch that police are hoping will lead to more clues in that case. on the east shore freeway this morning, we don't look too bad as you drive on 80. it's a nice drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we'll put time on this and look at the bay bridge. all quiet for the morning commute, but the afternoon commute could be different. we have a front on the way and will give you timing on the rain.
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mount kil manl man
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. time is 4:44. san jose police released sketch of homicide suspect from a killing last month. take a looshg. investigators only -- look. investigators only identify him as latino, mid to late 20s, red shirt and khaki colored pants. victim was 33-year-old rafael sin owes a. he was found on august 23rd. he'd been shot at least once. he was pronounced dead right there at the scene. if you any information, call san jose police. the woman who survived that on air shooting in virginia is is speaking out for the first time saying she played dead in order to survive. the chamber of commerce executive director vicky gardener was being interviewed live when a former tv station employee walked up and started shooting. reporter alison parker and her cameraman, adam ward were
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killed. all of it on live tv. later the gunman took his own life. gardener says she saw him out of the corner of her eye and then everything happened very fast. >> i saw movement and then gunfire. lots and lots of gunfire. and from that point, it was very chaotic. i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again. and then it was quiet. >> ms. gardener was shot in the back, the bullet narrowly missed her spine. doctors had to remove a kidney and part of her colon. she was released from the hospital just last week. santa clara county supervisors voted in favor of equipping jail guards with body cameras, also called for a commission to look at problems in the jail. it's in response to the beating death of an inmate last month. three correctional deputies were arrested on murder charges.
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the commission would review how the jail staff is trained and held accountable, and also how mentally ill inmates are handled. santa clara police are looking for thieves who were caught on camera stealing drones from a store. not the first type the chain has been targeted. in just 90 seconds, two pop open a front glass window, crawl in and grab $5,000 worth of drones and merchandise. this is the fourth break in for the chain in a few weeks. over the weekend in vancouver, someone tried to break in with a car and then last month thousands of dollars worth of drones were stolen from a store in studio city. time is 4:47. you know who my traffic authority is. >> he's our traffic authority. >> sal, did i make her say that? >> thank you very much. you guys are like a well oiled team. your checks will be in the mail. >> thank you. >> thank you. good morning. we're doing okay which is a good
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time to try and think about the commute. we like you to stay around as long as possible, but we realize that sometimes you have to go to work and school. highway 4 is going to be okay here, a little slow already in antioch. moderately heavy in pittsburgh and bay point. looking the at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little backup in a couple lanes, but for the most part traffic looking good on to the bridge with no major issues. also looking at the rest of the east bay, for example hayward to union city and fremont, this commute is not bad. you can see a lot of green on the map. when you see green on our map, that means that traffic a moving along nicely. 4:48. let's go to steve. >> what about my check, sal? have you got that in the mail too? >> i'll pay you in person. >> i accept that. >> thank you. >> i heard that too. >> thanks, sal. rain is on the rain.
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>> what? >> yes. rain on the way. heavier amounts to the north. it will make it to the valley fire, lake county, mendocino county. not for the morning hours, it will be for the afternoon and evening. so you're okay if you're heading out this morning. drizzle a bit and it's on the way. half to three quarters and the wind picks up as well. it still has a ways to go and we're not there yet, but noon we'll go clued wri and then the -- cloudy and then the rain develops in the north bay. 40s for hills berg, windsor, calastoga. warmer in petalulma, but cool air getting trapped. 50s for many, 50 to near 60. not much of a breeze yet, but we
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expect that to pick you later. system has good cold air support. future cast shows the system by 2:00 in santa rosa and lake county, mendocino county, heavier amounts. then it falls apart but still makes it by 6 to 9:00 tonight. even down to the south bay and santa cruz mountains. after that high pressure starts to build back in. we'll take one sis tell. not unusual -- system. not unusual, really. morning fog, some sun, increasing clouds. rain in the north bay, 60s, 70s and the breeze krangz up by this afternoon and evening out of the south and southeast. highs below average. tomorrow morning, clear it out, everything then starts warmup, especially into the weekend. >> i think pam is will to accept that. >> i'd like one more warm weekend --
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>> not that warm. >> not 100. >> after all you did for her? >> i know. i'm working on it. time is 4:50. warriors are courting two time mvp steve nash to join the warriors as a part-time play development consultant. nash formally announced he retired in march. reportedly nash has been lobbied very aggressively by warriors head coach steve kerr and the president, rick welch. the two worked closely with nash when he was playing with the phoenix suns. they want nash to spend a couple days every month with the team, work on their skills, some of the individual players. steph curry has often been compared to steve nash. >> yes, he has. >> yeah, in a great way. >> yeah. 4:51 is the time. holiday hiring ramping up across the country. coming up in 20 minutes, the two big name companies looking for employees this holiday season and the reason one of those companies is not going to hire as many people as last year. >> boy oh, boy. created a big controversy last
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month, but this morning we're finding out the napa wine train has a new owner. we'll tell you who it is after the break.
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande.
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life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. . 4:54. napa valley wine train has a new owner. same family has owned it for 25 years, but now it is being sold to seattle based noble house hotels and a real estate
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development firm called brooks street. they say the deal has been in the works for months. last month you remember a group of mostly african-american women accused the train of racism. they were removed. the wine train apologized and admitted that the whole thing was not handled properly. a posh transit bus company is bankrupt and selling the last two buses for as little as $5 each. they were designed to compete with muni in san francisco, but shut down after operating without permit. it had up to $500,000 in debt. also reports thatly transit made -- that leap transit made $21,000 this year. auctioned off all the buses, all but two of the buses and those go up for online auction next month. time is 4:55.
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new san francisco hotel will get high tech promotion this morning. if you're in union square, you'll see these robots promoting the new axiom hotel. it's listed as a smart hotel. website is says people will be able to use tablets and smartphones to check in and as room keys. axiom hotel is at pow he will and market streets in san francisco -- powell and market street in san francisco. photo taken by a little girl is on display in joe biden assist house. yellow lab is peering at the camera and entered it into a kids' photo contest. it was picked along with the works of nine other young photographers nationwide to be displayed for the month of september at the vice
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president's washington, d.c. residence. she said she took the journal because of her dog's big, goofy grin. facebook about to add a new feature. ceo mark zuckerberg announced a new dislike button is on the way. it's not clear on the exact wording. it's not going to necessarily be a dislike. the idea is to give people a more appropriate way to respond to posts expressing difficult or emotional contest. he says users have been clamoring for this as well. interesting because on instagram as well when there is a difficult, hard picture that people post, you feel bad liking it because it's -- >> yeah. >> and then some people say i don't like that dislike this. >> it will be interesting to see
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what happens. time is 4:57. all about tech development, but why books will be a main focus today at the conference. and the butte fire still burning in the sierra foothills. the homes burned and the special rescue that firefighters made.
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. he vac easeevacuees may be able to return today, but there are limits. heavy rain in southern california. we're going to take a look at the damage left behind. mornings on 2 continues. welcome back. we want to take you up to calastoga this morning. these are live pictures. firefighters making headway in their fight against the valley fire this morning. coming up in just about two minutes, alley has more on how evacuees are coping and very eager to see what may or may not be left of their home or neighborhood. but there is another opportunity for them to go back into the burned air today. ali is up there, and alex


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